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    Monday Night Football Party!!
    9-29-14 8:00 pm - Different Coffee Shops
    SoCal Singles

    Join our SoCal Singles host Stan Martin as he hosts his weekly MNF party. This is event is crossed promoted on a number of meet ups so it should be a good crowd.

    Another Exciting Gem and Jewelry Meetup!
    9-29-14 8:00 pm - Different Coffee Shops
    Orange County Gem and Jewelry Meetup Group

    We have scheduled an evening Meetup for those that can not make it on Wednesday afternoons. Monday night at 6:30pm till 9:00pm. We hope to see some of you new-bees. There are now 107 members in our group. We sure would like to meet all of you!

    O.C. 53+ Set Up Your Own Practice Dates!
    9-29-14 8:00 pm - Different Coffee Shops

    PRACTICE DATING! Orange County AGE RANGE: 53+ This Meetup group's age ranges are 18-32  .  25-39  .  32-46  .  39-53  .  46-60  .  53+ Please RSVP "Yes" for the age range(s) that best suit(s) your preferences. PLEASE NOTE: The date...