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  • Community Events

    PFS @ Game Master in Laguna Hills
    1-31-15 6:00 pm
    Orange County Pathfinder Society Organized Play

    For our January 31st session, we will be running Assault on the Kingdom of the Impossible (1-5), The Ghenet Manor Gauntlet (5-9), and Before the Dawn 2: Rescue at Azlant Ridge (1-7). We can supply new players with pregen characters so they can...

    Social Intermediate FUN Volleyball!
    1-31-15 6:00 pm
    Orange County Volleyball Association

    Fun and sociable...not highly competitive but a strong level of intermediate play is required. The lines are set for a 6-person volleyball team (big courts) but we typically play teams of 4 -5, dependent upon attendance. There are two courts...

    New Member Meetup
    1-31-15 6:00 pm
    SoCal Wine Group

    New to Meetup or SocialMixin? Nervous about attending to your first event? Then this is the event for you. Meet our Organizers, and other first time members, in a very open, welcoming environment. We know it can be nerve racking to get out and...