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    Deerfield Park INTERMEDIATE & Advanced Volleyball-!
    9-2-14 7:00 pm - Blue Sky Academy of Art
    Orange County Volleyball Association

    INTERMEDIATE (M), (H) & ADVANCED players only, should have good control of the ball on passes and sets with above average agility, must understand the game. PLEASE READ THE POST AND ONLY SIGN UP IF WHAT IS POSTED HERE OKAY WITH YOU. On Tuesdays...

    Trendy and Old School Happy Hour!!
    9-2-14 7:00 pm - Blue Sky Academy of Art
    SoCal Wine Group

    Hello Social Mixin! Stepping into this swanky Newport Beach restaurant makes me feel like smoking a cigar and sipping on an Old Fashioned!!! I wouldn't be surprised to run into the likes of the "rat pack" here. This yester year former John Wayne...

    Life Drawing Workshop - Model: TBA
    9-2-14 7:00 pm - Blue Sky Academy of Art
    The Artists League of Orange County

    Corner of Jeffrey Rd and Roosevelt in the Roosevelt plaza across from the Albertsons/Kohls shopping center. Enter on Nimitz. Turn right after the end of the roundabout and we are on the far right corner. We share a building (770) with Hu...